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Update & Big Overhaul

WhiteTigerCubMia February 25th, 2017, 5:38 am
Not sure if anyone will read this but.... Hello dear readers of this comic!

Been a while, huh? I'm very sorry for how long the update has been taking! Since the last update, I've been in a really bad mental place and also preoccupied with life! As such it work was slow on the update... BUT DONT WORRY! BECAUSE THE UPDATE IS COMING AND VOID WITCH WILL BE BETTER THEN EVER!!!

I'm currently working on update with new vigor!! And to make up for how long it took, I'M ALSO REDOING AND TOUCHING A LOT OF EARLY PAGES! Wow! The comic is gonna get polished up!

Get ready!
Void Witch is Coming Back....

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